The Illustrated London News Oct 3, 1908

This is an illustrated article from London on AB and the Chinese Embassy


The second page didn’t come out. It reads:

nations. The other members of Mr. Burlingame’s party are Fung-Yah and Teh-Ming, the Lao-Yeh, English Interpreters; Kway-Yung, Russian Interpreter, Tah-Kah-Che-Na, or Moo-An, Russian Interpreter; Lien-Fang, or Choon-Tsing and Tien-Kien, or Foo-Cheu, the two French Interpreters, Chaung-Chou-Ling, or Soong-Joo, and Koug-Ting-Yung, or Yaen-Noong the scribes.

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