September 29, 2018


Author: 尹德翔 宁波大学文学院;浙江宁波315211南京大学博士研究生
Yin De-xiang (College of Liberal Arts; Ningbo University; Ningbo 315211; China)
Source: 北 方论丛 , The Northern Forum
Origin: 在《初使泰西记》中,最醒目的是关 于西方科技和制器的记述。志刚的洋务派的政治意识,使他对西方科技做了注重实用的考察,但是,由于中国传统思想的干扰,他对西方科技发生了种种曲解。造成 这种情况的主要原因,在于志刚缺乏接受西方科学的知识框架,同时又受到了同治时代中西关系的不利影响。

Western science and technology are a most conspicuous issue dealt in Zhigang’s Chu Shi Taixi Ji(An Account of the First Diplomatic Mission to the Great West).Despite his vigorous investigation of Western science and technology,owing to his political stand of the Western Affairs Faction,Zhigang makes various misunderstandings about them.These misunderstandings,which lead to his wrong picture of Western science and technology,can be attributed to his traditional Chinese thoughts,his limited knowledge to comprehend and etc…

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